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TGT e-Data data file sizes

TGT e-Data’s data compression technology substantially decreases the average file size and minimizes your communication costs.

Example weekly update file size (*) for different onboard chart collections are shown below:

Chart collection: 273 charts - BA only. NPs: 36.
Average weekly update: 0,91 MB, maximum weekly update: 1,28 MB.

Chart collection: 1076 charts - BA, JP, US data. NPs: 77.
Average weekly update: 1,43 MB, maximum weekly update: 2,65 MB.

Chart collection: 667 charts - BA only. NPs: 69.
Average weekly update: 1,15 MB, maximum weekly update: 1,81 MB.

Chart collection: 1411 charts - BA, US data. NPs: 98.
Average weekly update: 1,10 MB, maximum weekly update: 1,39 MB.

Chart collection: 690 charts - BA, JP data. NPs: 44.
Average weekly update: 1,13 MB, maximum weekly update: 1,66 MB.

Chart collection: 328 charts, BA, JP data. NPs: 45.Average weekly update: 1,10 MB,
maximum weekly update: 2,0 MB.

(*) Note: when sent onboard weekly update file is split as per ship's request e.g. 250kb,
500kb, etc.